Frequently Asked Questions

How many total guests can Timber Wolf Lake hold in the dining hall and in the dorms?
The Dining Hall can hold 520 people. The dorms can hold 420; this number does not include the assignment team and work staff.

Is there a minimum reservation number required?
For exclusive use of main camp, Timber Wolf Lake requires a minimum of 350 paying guests. We are glad to accommodate smaller groups when availability allows; however, there is a possibility of sharing the facilities with other groups. We will assist you in coordinating meal times and use of main meeting rooms.

Is there a minimum number to have the kitchen prepare meals?
We ask for a minimum of 30 contracted full-paying guests to open the kitchen. Work crew do not count toward the minimum.

Are you able to host small groups? What if we provide our own meals?
Availability is limited and contingent upon whether there are other groups in camp and their size. Please contact us directly to discuss your needs.

I am ready to reserve a week/weekend ... what is my next step?
Contact our office via the information listed on the Booking Page. Once an available week/weekend has been agreed upon and a contract has been signed, a Guest Group Planning Packet will be sent to you.

What staffing is the group responsible for providing?

Work Crew - provides support services for the camp in food service and other areas. Please bring a ratio of one work crew person for every 10 guests up to a maximum of 30, including at least one work crew supervisor. Work crew members need to be the same people for the entire stay; please no rotating work crews.

Rides Volunteers (ride availability is dependent on weather and time of year)

  • Climbing wall - 3 volunteer belayers who will get trained by our Certified Ropes Operator (CRO)
  • Zip line - 2 volunteers to work at the bottom of the zip line
  • Island/Rope Swing - 1 certified life guard and 1 waterfront observer
  • Ropes course - 8 volunteers and 1 CRO

Medical Personnel - A doctor, PA, nurse and/or EMT needs to be provided by the group. The camp fee is waived for medical personnel, lifeguards and ropes course workers.

Will each guest need to bring a "bed roll"?
Timber Wolf Lake provides sheets, blankets, pillows and towels for every guest, including work crew.

What is the group expected to help clean up at the end of the week/weekend?
Timber Wolf operates with a skeleton crew of housekeepers, so we ask our guests to help us with minor cleaning at the end of their weekend.

Clean-up includes taking all dirty linens to the laundry building, picking up a bed-pack for each bed used in your cabin, folding blankets, picking up trash, cleaning the bathrooms, putting back any furniture that has been moved and vacuuming carpets in cabins and lounges.

How do I participate in work crew during the summer?
Work crew is the volunteer experience offered at each Young Life property for those in high school. To be eligible a student must have completed one year of high school and his or her local area's work crew training course. The work crew serve the campers in a variety of ways, including dining hall servers, grounds crew and housekeepers. Please contact your local area director if you are interested in applying. The deadline for work crew applications is March 15. However, any spots not filled by the work crew quota will be made available missionwide after March 15.
For more information on being on work crew or summer staff click here.

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